When you buy a Wappi ballerina you grow  projects that  help women get a better life

Ballerinas for a Better World 

This had to happen

Social needs uncovered, an a idea and a an expert team that  puts all their efforts into it, the result is the birth of Wappi.

Professional values

Research, innovation, high quality production and materials, make a sustainability project that gives back to society, a long-life product individuality handmade in Spain.

Who we are

We have a lot of experience in high quality shoe production and working with modern technology that makes Wappi possible.

Ballerinas that will change the world, top fashion for better world

Women who help women

From woman to woman

Did you know that 50% of all profits obtained from Wappi sales are donated to Women's Social projects? 

Be a Wappi's designer

You are one of our designers, Designs are made by all women that believe in Wappi, Are you one of them?

True values

Did you know that you are also helping to create jobs for local women thanks to which they are employed at Wappi? You choose, you buy, you help and make all possible.

help to Wappi to change the world, enjoy the Wappi Club, make a gift, buy ballerinas Wappi

Your news and contributions

The Wappi's Club

A place for Women to meet,  to share ideas, pictures, opinions, so as to discover Wappi's World...do you want to join us?

Wappi's ambassadors

Do you want to help us to make Wappi come true? we are searching for bloggers, fashion designers, specialits on women,  your ideas and contributions are very important to Wappi, as you make it possible, email us at hello@wappi.es 

Your value

You help Wappi to grow becasue you believe in it, we welcome any ideas and opinions that you may have. We are waiting for you.

We are a Giving-Back brand created with just one goal: to help improve the lifes of Women and create a Better World 

Participate NOW with your VOTE to select Women Projects where Wappi will be involved first year 'First Step Wappi Women Project'