Enjoy Your Ballet Flats Design with a great APP: Get Inspired + Start Designing

Enjoy + Share + Shop Online = Better World for Women in needs

Inspiration: design your own Wappi ballerinas

Get inspired and design what you were dreaming, choose your style, materials, colors and details as you wish, creativity has a place in Wappi, we believe in people and their creations, in personal style, welcome to your Unique Fashion Place.

( Design, customize your loved flat ballet... )

an fast app for design my own shoes

DISEÑA TUS Bailarinas, calzado cómodo de calidad

Augmented Reality FITTING ROOM and Photo Shooting Session

Innovation is free in Wappi, You'll dream with a special Photo Shooting Session in our Virtual Fitting Room, do you want to know why? With your Shoes Design Ready, you will be able to TRY it ON, wherever you are, without moving, without expenses. The only things you need are: your style and designs, a mirror, your tablet or smartphone, and you can start your Augmented Reality Session with iMirror.

Are you ready for a new experience? Choose your style, your design, TRY it ON, Shoot and Share it on Social Media as many times as you like

( Virtual Augmented Fitting Room, a new experience to share )

          Augmented reality experience: iMirror

realidad aumentada calzar zapatos de mujer , probador virtual iMirror

Do your fans want to enjoy Wappi experience?

Ready for a new fashion experience? Maybe you want to enjoy Wappi's Affiliate Program, if you Love Shoes and our Women Project sure you will want to work with us.

Email us at hello@wappi.es for further information

( Your LOVED Ballerinas for your Followers...choose a smart name for them )

vende tus diseños wappi desde tu blog, bailarinas cómodas de calidad

The Right REASON: get involved in a project from and to women

( Help us to make Wappi possible )

With your collaboration we will be able to build a right society for women. Because Wappi was born as a group of ideas and people that believe in a better world, all the profits obtained from selling will be donated to projects that work for the empowerment of women figure and strive for an equal world for them, We want you to help us to archive it , so we need your collaboration

Collaborates wanted , fashion project for Better World

How can I help?

Share about Wappi on Social Media (tag @Wappiballerinas and or #Wappi)

Write in our Blog

Write about Wappi in your Blog

Make Wappi's gifts

Design your loved ballerinas, and share photos of them (use  #Wappinlove)

TRY it On, shoot and share (use #Wappinlove)

Share your ideas for a better world (use #Wappibetterworld)

Design your favorite ballerinas and offer them in your BLOG

Have you got a new idea to get us involved?

Nice to hear from you , email us at hello@wappi.es or call us (+34) 664389056 (also Whatsapp)

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